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send me any melt. finally tonight, never want to miss an opportunity to make a political statement. starbucks in the headlines again the coffee chain rolling out what they call a reusable plastic up costing a dollar and customers will get a dime off each time they use it to refill their coffee cup. starbucks ceo said this is the way to reduce their carbon footprint and hopes to serve a quarter of all their beverages in these cups by 2015. they're going to wash it for you it all seems well and good except for the fact that a friend of our senior producer recently walked by starbucks and saw them disposing of all the unused christmas paper cups. that's not green. that's mean. that's my "2 cents more". coming up tomorrow, a new congress, and the presidential term, but the same problems. that's it for tonight. thank you for joining is. have a great night.
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♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the speaker in a matter of days has become an historic figure. moving the house of representatives to a resolution infuriating most of his majority caucus, then he chose to delay a $60 relief bill for the victims of superstorm sandy, a delay that angered the congressional dell gagzs of new jersey, and new york and one or two governors at the same time, boehner has beens target of scathing democratic and republican criticism, for what is now revealed to be a pork-laden piece of legislation that would have allowed some politicians to exploit victims
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of hurricane sandy for the purpose of this pork. leaving boehner deserted by two-thirds of his caucus just tuesday, as they voted against him. of the 112 congress, and today. he won a second term as speaker, and boehner, cried tears of joy. >> we're sent here not to be something, but to to something. or as i like to call it doing the right thing. it is a big job, and it comes with big challenges. >> one of the loudest voices in yesterday's republican rebellion was new york congressman peter king, who blasted boehner for not holding a vote on sandy relief, accusing the speaker of taking out this function within the leadership ranks on the
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state of new york, and telling voters to stop donating money to his party, he today reversed himself. >> john is a voice of reason in our conference, despite when things i said yesterday, i do consider john boehner a friend, which is what really hurt the other day. lou: king reversing himself after boehner agreed to hold a vote on a scaled back version of sandy relief, and new jersey governor chris christie, saying as governor he has actual responsibilities unlike the people in congress, but the truth is that boehner's critics, owe the speaker an apology, the aim of pure political pork stuffed into the relief bill is the reason for boehner's delay, here are just a few of the most aagreemeneeexamples.
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>> nearly 60s million for forest restoring a on private land, and 150 to noaa to help fisheries in alaska. tonight fox news senior political analyst brit hume will join us, congressman jame lang ford with us. and the eventual reelection of speaker boehner and what lies ahead for this 113th congress. israel racing to reinforce its border with syria as assad
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continues his assaulted on his people, knesset speaker is joining us tonight. resolving to cut taxes, and reform with a cast of characters, leading our nation that cast is unchanged. fox news chief congressional correspondent with the report. >> john boehner of state of ohio having received a majority of votes cast is dually elected speaker of the house of representatives. >> reporter: after a bruising end of his first term, john boehner has been voted to serve another two years, three members voted for eric cantor. >> with hope for the future of our country, i present the
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people's gavel to the speaker of the house. >> reporter: after winning the gavel, emotional boehner told them new and old. the job ahead will be difficult. >> our national debt is draining free enterprise and weakening. >> reporter: the speaker made it clear he intends to lead. >> public service was never meant to be an easy living, extraordinary challenges, and buy mands and -- demands and leadership. >> reporter: a boehner spokesman said he is recommitting himself and quote, letting the house work its will. and they warned when have mostly democrats carrying tedge reaction you lose power. >> what you start passing stuff your members are not in line work your action built to lead is in jeopardy. >> across the capital after new senators were carn in sworn in.
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the leader, tried to move forward. >> beside from shielding 99% ofnny constituents and many of yours from the painful effects of a middle class tax hike, the president seemed too willing to impose that, it gave us something else, it settled the revenue debate for good. >> reporter: majority leader reed made reference to his personal appearance and said they were not scars from the recent battle in 112 congress. >> the marks that people see on my face has nothing to do with the fiscal cliff or disagreement that speaker boehner and i had, it is from being pale and living in the desert most of my life. >> reporter: the house and senate to authorize $9 billion in sandy relief money, and boehner said that house will consider additional 51 billion on january 15.
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lou. lou: thank you. fox news chief congressional correspondent. >> and our first guest voted to reelect boehner, but voted against the fiscal cliff resolution, saying that kr-6s misaing that crfdmissed an oppo. for 113 congress, congressman good to have you with us. at the beginning of this broadcast, i mean, this is quite a twist and turn for the speaker, he loses about 2/3 of his caucus the fiscal cliff resolution. and retains a majority to be speaker. what is going on down there? >> the bill on the fiscal cliff was not the republican bill, not the bill that came out of the house of representatives, when we passed was done in may of
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this year, we've waited for the senate to respond, they did respond about 2 1/2 hours after the deadline was over, the struggle within the conference was no one liked this response that came from senate side, but, it did get passed. and then we put that behind us, but we don't blame speaker boehner for that bill, that is not his bill or his task, he's to get back to regular order we should get back to putting things through committee. lou: is that what this speaker meant today when he said, that he is through bargaining, negotiationegotiating one-on-onh president obama. >> he said two times, and president would say let's do it like reagan and tip o'neill, they both brought good faith into it but we don't think that president is, if is politics.
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good faith did not happen, the speaker dead it is done. that is the best way for house to work. lou: it is a also request of many members of the house, before all of this transspired. the republicans speaker boehner got their tails kicked by the president, and the result is $4 trillion will be added to the national debt. you may have sent a bilge over, but what came back was $4 trillion morrow taxpayer back. this nonsense has to stop at some point. we're going to see the debt ceiling now present itself. are we going to see an ugly repetition was a debacle in 2011 that cost investors, the market cap number, but somewhere around a tri trillion dollars, we don't need any more of that. >> no, but at the end of the day
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there will be more fights, this is where we are as a nation. when you are 16.5 trillion in debt we'll have fights like this, i best compare it to a marriage that husband and wife go deep into debt, creditors call, and they start fighting as a couple. we see millions of couples in america break up because they are in too much debt, they fight about it the house and senate look a lot like america in the fighting we have about we understand we have too much debt, we understand we have too much spending but battle is where do you cutback. no single vote will fix this. lou: but if there is any more of the irresponsible nonsense over a debt ceiling, independence and democrats and many conservatives will be disenchanted with the republican party. i think you have to began kid and say, -- candid and say that
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american party is clean to political relevance right now, and you are. talk about a cliff. you are looking at a deep, deep kassem that wastes a republican party if you continue to disregard results of elections and think thank you play politics at level that you know, for example, of 2011. that is a very dangerous course for the nation, and a dangerous course for the republican party, isn't it? >> here is the challenge, in many ways the rhetoric of over played. in 2010 with a groundswell election that swept out democrats from control, the main tate was make it stop, they saw dodd-frank, and obamacare, and regulations accelerated. one mandate, stop it. but there was not a mandate to say and do this. it was make it stop. so the challenge for republicans were, we spend 18 months saying stop it. not enough time saying and this
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is the right solution, we have to get back to the clear optimistic vision that has always let the republican party to say we believe in families having control. people not interfering with the government. lou: you could say -- with all due respect, you could say that all day. it has no political effect, no practical effect, it is an abtraction and irrelevant to most working men and women to the country, who are hard pressed, and millions remain out of work. the reality is, that the republican party right now, if we are to believe some reports, is ready to roll over on gun control, republican party has just played a part in adding 4 trillion in the national debt. the republican party is made a decision in which to raise taxes, there seems to be no principle that is left that the republican party will not find
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itselfflectionible and accommodative to other forces in power, in particular the left. >> here is the challenge to that, there is a per seption we stood our ground for two years, and now we're punished. if we provide newflectionability we'll be -- flexibility we'll be punished for, that we have to live our principles, when we live our principles we can go to sleep at night, and say we did the right thing for the people that elected us, we're not going to bring 100 % of people on board with us, that is not possible. but we do have to live out what we say we believe in, and do that, that becomes key. there is no monolithic republican party so to say that everyone thinks the same thing, republicans think differently, but the core principles, low taxes, and business friendly environment, with family focus -nd lock at focus, that is our
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-- local folks that you is our core, until we get back to that, you are right we'll wander. lou: congressman we appreciate it, and we wish you all of the very best in the new year and the new congress.3 >> thank you, it's time to get things done. lou: much more on the reelection of house speaker boehner, the beginning of the 113th congress. debt battles ahead will take all that and a great deal more up during this broadcast, stay with us. >> protecting the privacy of gun-owning citizens, ahead. >> and a new day on the hill, 113th congress, sworn in. can the new republican house avoid the same political impulses and traps that doomed 112th congress? >> you are now a member -- the boys use capital one venture miles
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lou: house peaker of 113 congress. will take that up, along with great deal more, talking with brit hume in moments, turning to "moneyline," stock market taking a breather after two days of triple digit gains, revelation from federal reserve that end of cheap money may be at hand. and it should continue 85 billion a month bond repurchase but board is split on for how long they should continue, perhaps to the end of the year or middle. members saying, that it should be phase out. some sooner, dow closing down
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21, s&p down 3, and nazdaq fell 12, volume is heavy, 3.8 billion, more than the average of the last year. the notes from fed depressed bond market, treasury 10-year note yield rising as prices tag, yield 1.90%. for 15 minutes of early afternoon there arr no traded recorded on either apple or google. and nazdaq saying it a software issue, and they restored order treorder to themarket. and google ended hire on news, with the word that federal trade commission has ended there are look into google. and good news helping lift the stocks, of gm and ford by 2%. and our next guest says that supposed rebellion against
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speaker boehner is less than what met the eye, but he is still being challenged by a pie in the sky caucus. a rule of thumb in politics, when no good outcome is possible, find the least bad one, support that. we're joined by brit hume, this is kind of fun to watch. really. you watch speaker boehner lose, about 2/3 of his caucus on a very important vote then be reelected in a yawner, it says something, how about you tell us what. >> the vote you are talking about is one in which he didn't make a speech in favor of that measure, it was an open vote. it was a vote your conscious deal. he wanted it to pass these thought that protected his members from a worse outcome that otherwise would have occurred. i think he was right about that but he did not have as much on the line as you might think, the
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members were pleased to vote if a way that was pleasing to their constituents, they did. not surprising that all but 9 calm out and supported him the next day. so, i don't think there has much of a contradiction in the results as might appear on the surface. lou: i'm not sure i'm so concerned about a contradiction as i am amused by the fact that the votes came as they did. he didn't whip it as you put it. >> he didn't even speak for it. lou: but he let his members know. he wanted the bill to pass. >> right, but there are ways of doing that, he did not lean on them, and he knew there were democrats would pass it he also knew, democrats, house and senate were votes in large numbers to do what? to ratify nearly all of bush-era tax cuts, those in congress at
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the time had all voted against, and who opposed them ever since, when a turnabout. this is looked out from prism of the republican's rich list. but -- wish list, there is a great dial of dissatisfaction on the american left about the outcome, many people on the left think that obama lost, there is more than one perspective on this. >> that is why we want yours, i look at $4 trillion added to the national debt. >> you know why? because of the -- most of the higher tax rates, on new year's morning were repealed. and the measurement on national debt dates from 1 12:01 in the morning when tax rates were supposed to go back, you like tax cuts you think they help the
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economy, before there was too much worry about how that came about, it is not because that bill added a lot of trek extra spending. lou: i am worried about a speaker in the republican party that allowed himself to be maneuvered again. and comprehension consequences of public policy choices they make, they call this responsible governance, they are the same party going after democrats in their judgment. the democrats are irresponsible and fiscally imprudent, i cannot find a wit a world of difference in the two out comes from the two parties. >> well, let me say a couple things. therefore a mistake that had to did with the negotiations, i don't believe it of made in the course of this latest round. of it made during the last
7:25 pm
round, when they set up what they cul call the sequester. lou: we have not come -- >> hold on, let me finish. >> i will. >> the sequester was divided 5 50/50 between defense and nondefense, and entitlements were identify the table, -- were off the table. that is a mistake because defense is only a fifth of the budget, it this have been 20/80, this would have been. the greater, as it was, what would happen when the clock struck 12:01, not only tax rates would go on nearly everyone, who pays income taxes but on' top of that spending cuts would hit.
7:26 pm
that would affect the pentagon and the pentagon size, the consequences were much more unfavorable for the g.o.p. than for democrats, which is why republicans had very little leverage to win this moring a, i think it remarkable they got out of it in as good shape as they did. lou: i would never disturb a positive outlook. i have to say, i think somehow, when we end up withs there are your trillion added to national debt, and we have round two coming at us with the president and speaker saying in a will never negotiate over a debt ceiling again, you have to wonder who the future holds. >> the problem is, the republicans control the house of representative the. the democrats control the senate. democrats control the white house. and democrats are on opposed to all of the things that republicans want to do. lower taxes, and by and large,
7:27 pm
reduce spending and reform entitlements, reform the tax code in a way that revenue neutral, they don't want to do those, they and they have two-thirds of of the three-legged stool in their control that limits what republicans can hope to do, this is a lesson lost, i'm afraid on a number of new backbenchers in the house representatives which is why i dubbed them the pie in the sky caucus. lou: as long as it stays in the sky. >> we have something to hooe for. before it lands on us again. lou: thank you brit. >> happy new year. lou: up next, when president obama said immigration is a priority, he thinks that congress does not need to worry its pretty little head over that. we'll tell you about the president's latest immigration decision, the empireious presidency takes full form.
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and the 112 congress at a low bar for the new session of congress to meet, and 112 leaves a few lessons on behavior to be avoided, next, stay with us.
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♪ lou: the house and senate swore in new members today and brought in the old ones, the 113 congress under way for its starts. it will go down as the least productive in modern history and the least popular ever. over the past two years the 100th congress passed about 220 bills. can you imagine? that's 220. let's put that in perspective. more than one-third fewer than the 111th. and half of the number passed by the hundred and tenth. this is great.
7:32 pm
for each of these, 40 of them more about renaming post offices. you don't even know how many of these post offices will be around after. and public buildings. another six of them, another six of those bills to with commemorative coins. i hope you have one. the 80th congress, you remember, that is the one that was the original do-nothing congress, so dubbed by president harry truman which passed almost four times as many bills as the real do-nothing congress, the 112th. no surprise the 100th of congress reached a record low approval rating. we're talking about a low approval rating of 10% early last year. that is the gallup poll, and it does get worse. you recall that in december 2011 the 100th of congress in days in the debt ceiling debacle, i was just talking about. the fact of the matter is, that
7:33 pm
debacle resulted in the first-ever downgrade of this country's credit rating. just a reminder, in three weeks surrounding that fight the dow jones industrials lost, are you ready, 2,000 points on the dow. now, the republicans to attempted to do that again because it would make a point that the president, i'm begging right now, i'm begging you, come up with a different way to make your point and to seize the moment and prevail. be innovative, clever, creative, but don't mess with the debt ceiling. i'm telling -- begging you. to summarize, the legacy is nothing, zero, not. and let it please, there is something of a flashy morning for the 113th congress. please, be wise, careful, thoughtful before we head into another debt ceiling debate
7:34 pm
which history has taught all of us that you will lose in just about two months. please, be creative, thoughtful. republicans are also warning about what they're going to do about spending as well as the debt ceiling. the speaker made clear to they that he, at least, but have to govern better. forget the fiscal cliff. republicans are looking at a precipices of their own relevance. voters, both democrat, republican, independent, want them to govern. your nose, they might even win if you against this president who has drug immersed most -- mercilessly. that might be helpful if the gop could fashion and a reader to. try it. house speaker lost almost two-thirds of his caucus monday. the next day he won reelection.
7:35 pm
>> seventy-seven posterity. it calls us to refuse the pull of passing interest and fall of the big star of a more perfect union. put simply, do something. lou: a different kind of leader in his second term? the "a-team" is here. casualties of war. to many of our troops killed on the battlefield in 2012. to many of our troops dying far from the battlefield. that report is next the regime holding on as israel races to secure its borders. is the war-torn nation israel's biggest threat? tippees speaker joining us here
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hey, travis... get some friends, loser! so, are you all right, man? yeah. let me help you out. thanks. ♪ lean on me, ♪ when you're not strong, and i'll be your frien ♪ see you around. yeah. ♪ i'll help you carry on... ♪
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♪ lou: of the troubling trend among american service members is emerging. new data from the department of defense shows military suicides outnumbered combat deaths last year. through november 303 active duty reserve and national guard soldiers committed suicide. 177 of them among active-duty soldiers. in total 176 soldiers killed in combat last year. going to continue to explore this very important report throughout the next week to as we try to deal, as you do, with what is one of the most difficult subjects in one of the most troubling that we are facing. the israeli military is racing to reinforce its border with syria as its neighbors civil war is intensifying. the united nations human rights center estimates 60,000 people
7:40 pm
have been killed in the fighting for more on israel's threat from syria, iran, its relations with the obama administration, joined by deputy speaker of the israeli in discernible. happy new year. and that looks as though some progress is being made in gaza. it looks as though this broker cease-fire is holding. are you optimistic about what it pretends? >> of very tough neighborhood. you have to be very -- ready all the time. you have a cease-fire. the cease-fire is for a few months, maybe a year, but technology. we know it is only a matter of time. must act again. next time it will be in a different manner. lou: even as now, permitting materials, downplaying but
7:41 pm
acknowledging things are improving. even a suggestion on the part of the israeli government that it could be permanent. >> we live in a better life. then think about the over palestinians. getting ready for the next conflict. unfortunately the international community telling them, wait. tell us where you're going. lou: a temporary spike. >> unfortunately as you would say, and i believe when i knew the people say, were determined to fight.
7:42 pm
the sentiments today. susan nason, no military. you see the amount being smuggled. buying missiles to send them. lou: the civil war is syria what is the greatest threat and how much specifically is it right now? >> very important. the major threat is still a run. a threat to the american people. the fiscal issue, the budget, the congress, but we cannot allow it to become nuclear in this coming year. lou: and speaking of nuclear.
7:43 pm
the facility that was being evacuated reports that there is -- the government is using the statement that there has been excessive pollution. that there has been a problem at the nuclear facility nearest. can you share any knowledge? >> were falling in very carefully. the well-being of the middle east. we cannot allow middle teeseven run to continue. only a matter. today you cannot ignore the time line. so we don't take action. lou: we appreciate you being with us. coming up tomorrow, attorney-general, standard and poor's chief economist.
7:44 pm
stay with us. the 100 of congress. a bad time. the 113th. we are short, terrific. the "a-team" joins us next.
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lou: joining me now, the "a-team." radio talk-show host. pulitzer prize-winning columnist, all three. let's begin with what i have to say is my favorite story. kidding together and parting with a little money. beaming like, well, 500 million. he gets only 100. what do you think? he loves what fossil fuel
7:48 pm
creates. >> and what they can bring to him personally which is apparently $100 million. >> glenn beck company had approached current to try to buy it and there were found to be ideologically unacceptable. apparently fine. lou: just so everyone is happy. everyone sibila to please a line. speaking of which, the speaker has been reelected. are you in any way surprised that there was no one emerging to contest or compete with the man? >> to do see anyone who could compete? >> everyone plated badly. i think it's one of the jobs that not many people really want the expectations for what will be accomplished from the next
7:49 pm
two years are pretty small and so the speaker is almost a quit the job that he can't do very well but that nobody was really wants. lou: i want to share with everybody couple of quotes. giving of their thoughts. it might be considered sexist. you decide. susan collins to said, referring to the presence of so many women in -- on capitol hill, what i find is with all due deference to our male colleagues that women's styles tend to be more collaborative. and senator of minnesota saying a thing there is just a lot of collaboration between the women senators and advisers really standing in for each other the you don't always see with men who are somehow imperfect. dianne feinstein, less on testosterone, good to hear.
7:50 pm
we don't have that need to always be confrontational, and that think we are problem solvers, and i think that's what the country needs. we will be back with the "a-team" to explain how this much sexism can be tolerated in such an august body. back with the "a-team" and moments. stay with us. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporati a business you'd like to start. or questions about protecting your family with a will or living trust.
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♪ lou: the speaker just getting the dickens kicked out of him by democrats and republicans alike over the delayed sandy relief bill which, as it turns out -- and bless his heart, governor christie just going after him. congressman peter king going after him. it turns out that $60 billion deal is about half just pure
7:54 pm
putrid port. >> and the other 30 will relieve the needs of people in connecticut and new jersey and new york. the republican party has been self-destructive for the last weaker so. lou: he gets the dickens to toughen. may he rest in peace, all of the folks to port all of that nonsense into the shell that the house and over to the senate that created the pork. a little detail republicans forgot to communicate to the public. >> and the plan that he came up with eventually to do a roughly $9 billion now from more urgently is something he should have done all along. why he took it. lou: it's been over two months. why has this taken any time at all. >> and 24 hours she came up with the plan he should have had. >> you're hitting on a really important point. nobody is doing or thinking grand strategy for the republican party.
7:55 pm
it's all tactic. moment by moment. lou: grand strategy. >> you have people, members of congress that republican president nixon and reagan were doing long-term strategic political thinking. lou: word is gun control, they're going to roll on immigration. they have rolled on higher debt as a result of the fiscal cliff resolution. is there anything the republican party -- >> their role on spending. lou: is there anything the republican party stands for? >> they stand for nothing to articulate nothing, and have no plan for growth, job creation, or a better future for all of us however -- lou: that is one of the best. >> that is true of the national political party. there are 30 republican governors, 53 percent. lou: just get the national media focus. >> some of them can lead by
7:56 pm
example, can show how to govern, can show how fiscal restraints. lou: i seldom hear this town, but there's a with their if i may change to the sentinel. i mean, look at our lovely governors avert your eyes. >> is broken. the blue states are all heading for insolvency. i think the federal government -- >> the republican strategy should be to wait them until they're absolutely destitute a broken. >> another way to govern that is not fiscally -- lou: i'm not sure that's a plan that the republicans want to adhere to. they seem committed to keep the same people in the republican
7:57 pm
national committee. they seem to be committed to keeping the same leaders as they continue to fail. i'm not sure that's a recipe for marked political success. >> the republican party, as michael suggests, has a theoretical majority in this country if it articulates a strategy. we talked about this. but bottom line -- lou: don't you ever talk to me. >> we tried to. there is no vision that the republican party as a party can attach itself to. the democrats have a vision. and an authentic destructive one. redistribution compared said nothing. >> the republicans, no one is running grand strategy or doing long-term thinking, and number two, they are scared of their own shadow. they get burned by the national media, back away, another core principles from taxes to limited government, this responsibility and shot. lou: with that lovely.
7:58 pm
>> but not so happy new year. lou: we thank you. good night from new york. ♪
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